MTA (Mermaid Treasures Australia)

COVID-19 has highlighted, more than ever, the importance of supporting local businesses. I made it my mission to discover some of Australia’s finest, as seen in my last review, Erstwilder.


MTA (Mermaid Treasures Australia) is an Adelaide-based family business, which sells beautiful crystals, jewellery, tarot cards, books, etc. Let’s just say that once you discover MTA, you can kiss your hard-saved cash goodbye (Eek!).

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The owner, Carly, sources only the best quality crystals from all over. A couple of her latest shipments have been from Madagascar and Brazil!

Now, as amazing as the online shop is, the best thing about MTA is actually the ‘secret’ Facebook group, ‘Mermaid Treasures Crystal Addicts’. Group members have first pick of new crystals through both live sales and uploads throughout the day, as well as exclusive community discounts. The group is also a great atmosphere to be in; with a very positive and encouraging community.

Occasionally, the MTA Facebook page (not to be confused with the group) will also post super enticing things. For example, tarot card readings (as shown below)!

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Reveal As written by the Thread of Fate

Card 1 – The Pillar
The pillar signifies a need to rise to the occasion. It indicates a time where we may need to be all things: the backbone, the nurturer, the provider, the lover. The Pillar asks you to step into these roles as best as you can, knowing that you are being pushed outside of your comfort zone. You will learn just how capable you are. It is a time where we take our gifts to new heights and learn that our perceived flaws are just that, perceived. If you have been resisting a new opportunity or role that has presented itself it is time to step into it and trust that you will learn as you go. This is also a time where our container grows. We learn just how much space we can hold for ourselves and for others. Continue to listen to yourself, fill up your own cupso that you can be there for others, but do not forget to push yoursefl!Balanced Pillar energy is being able to wear many hats, to hold space for family and community, but doing these things with empowered boundaries. It is placing your personal well-being and needs first, knowing that your service will be better because of it.

Card 2 – Sacred Sexuality
Our sexual self and sexual energy is such a layered and potent part of who we are – it can show us our wounds, it can provide healing, it can help us manifest, it can teach us boundaries and an fuel and empower us. Sacred sexuality does not mean that your sexual presence or expression needs to look a certain way – it simply means that your sexuality is sacred as it is. It is a core part of your humanity as well as your spiritual and universal self.

Card 3 – Love
This card is an invitation to examine love in all facets of your life. This is a love of self, love of others, your healthy or not so healthy boundaries, your presence with others, your relationship with intimacy, if you feel seen and heard, passion, joy and total responsibility. This card could signal a need to build a better relationship internally, or maybe with a partner, in your business or work life or even towards a goal or hobby. It could also be a reminder that love is a choice.

My Order

We call it ‘mermail’ when you receive your MTA order… My two mermails were long-awaited thanks to COVID-19 causing an influx in postage (shout out to Auspost for their hard work though!)


The above photo shows my two deliveries together. The Dreamtime oracle card and the bag of small crystals came as a lovely surprise with my larger order. (I love that I received a ‘Storyteller’ card…)

Below are the shop’s professional photo’s of the crystals I bought:


  • My crystals are just as lovely in person as advertised.
  • The community is awesome – I look forward to seeing new posts every day.
  • Only con is this will ruin my purse.


I definitely recommend MTA to any new or old crystal lovers!


(Disclaimer: Photo-frame and photo not included.)


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